About Us

ET Data Solutions is the most cost-effective and efficient outsourcing alternative for any business in need of assistance with managing their data workflow. ET Data Solutions has the capabilities and resources to handle any type or size of data capture project or assignment, either short or long term. ET Data Solutions will facilitate the preparation, capture, warehouse, retrieval and utilization of information for an organization. Data processing is accomplished by extracting information from a current or custom designed form, fax, catalog, book, electronic media or an on-line entry system, while simultaneously offering an Internet based data entry and query service. This service bureau for Time-Critical and Information Sensitive data alleviates the need for onsite data entry personnel, software & hardware while ensuring the utmost integrity, accuracy and security. Clients reduce costs, eliminate backlogs, significantly improve data input quality, production and document availability. This allows the enterprise to focus on its core business and grow exponentially without hiring additional personnel, leasing additional office space and confront the rapid obsolescence of costly hardware and software.

The typical services that can be outsourced to us are:

  • Data Entry
  • RPO
  • Back Office Operations
  • Data Conversion
  • Large Volume Data Processing
  • Form Processing
  • CADD / GIS related work
  • Proof Reading
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • Mailing list compilation, Address Cleaning and Verification
  • OCR / ICR
  • Web-Mining / Data Capture from web-sites

Our outsourcing services are totally driven by quality management and customer's satisfaction. Accuracy is our bottom line. All personnel who handle a project are constantly monitored for quality. Even when the electronic data entry is complete, the quality review is unending. Operators, supervisors, trainers, verifiers and Quality Control specialists are all trained to ensure the highest possible accuracy. Whether you have an ongoing outsourcing requirements or a single assignment, our corporation will discuss the work in detail and plan a solution to meet your goals for data accuracy, turnaround time and cost.